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My story

Orlando Rosa is my name and my idea is to create for others copripaco turbans and handmade in Italy, for those who have lost their hair.
My story is the same as that of many other people who have discovered to be sick and having to deal with, as a result of disease, the chemotherapy treatments.
So, forced to buy a turban, the first and then a second, I thought that I would not have bought more, because I did it myself, with my own hands.
I practice a needle and thread, seamstress and pattern maker by profession, working in the field of fashion accessories for men, I started, out of curiosity, to unpick my old turbans, also to try to erase the suffering of the first times I woke up and reacting from slumber: so, I sewed my first turban alone.
This time, however, I chose the fabric, the best one, I cut the pattern and stitched hems and finishes, for best results, tested on myself.
Today, my dream is to help people in need, giving you a bit 'of relief, because there is always a solution and sometimes you learn from their misfortune to be born again.